Towne Restoration - Water Damage Repair

5 Things To Do When You Have A Loss
  1. Call Towne if you need emergency service
  2. Call your agent to report the loss
  3. Make sure your property is secure and remove all valuables
  4. Discuss with your insurance adjuster what steps will be taken to assure that your work is completed in a timely manner
  5. Keep a positive attitude
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Since 1979 we’ve been helping homeowners put things right after fire and water damage. It doesn´t matter whether your home has $300,000 in fire damage, your ceiling has a water spot from a broken pipe upstairs, or a pick-up hit your porch.

If your insurance policy covers the damage, we can repair it. Towne is certified by IICRC, the governing body of the insurance restoration industry (

Our Coverage Area

Towne has a reputation for quality and integrity. For more then a quarter of a century we've worked with homeowners and insurance professionals in the Michiana Area. 

Towne is a certified restoration contractor with The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification ( Please see our Dunn and Bradstreet rating for information (